pan am: welcome to the jet age

welcome to the jet age

finally! now that entourage is finished i have something to look forward to on sunday nights besides football, family guy and desperate housewives. it was so refreshing to watch something new and exciting besides summer reality shows and repeats. not only do i love this show so far, i love the fashion of the 60s. pan am is something to feed my craving for 1960s styles until mad men comes back on in 2012. all of the women's hair is perfectly coiffed and their make, so pristine! i just can't get enough of it! if i could go back in time and live in any era, it would definately be the 60s. i have a feeling we are going to a see a lot of pan am obsessions real soon! take note of marc jacob's retro pan am travel bag!

"on the one side, it looks like a classic pan am weekend-style bag, with that typical white on blue colour scheme, as well as a double zip and hand strap. but that marc jacobs signature? that's going to have you reaching for your wallet or running a mile!" (via retro to go)

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