how to eat oysters by the kitchy kitchen

my favorite food blogger claire thomas from the kitchy kitchen has the best recipe videos that i thoroughly enjoy watching on my down time. everytime i come across one her of recipes or videos, i find time to at least attempt one! i like to pretend i am an amazing chef. no, but seriously i really do! 

claire thomas is quite inspiring and she has her own show, food for thought, on saturday mornings on ABC! for more info click here. (fun fact: her sister is amanda thomas, designer and owner of LUV AJ!)

okay, so lets talk about oysters. you either love it or you hate. i'm one of those girls who OBSESSES over oysters. quite the aphrodisiac if i do say so myself ;). claire's 30 second video shows you different ways you can eat these bad boys! be sure to check out her post: oysters on the half shell for more info!

FYI: SRIRACHA is the best addition to any food if you like it hot ;)


my top favorite lip balms

so i use lip balm during all seasons but fall/winter in particular.
i'm THAT girl who never leaves without something on her lips. i probably apply lip balm every hour.
i'm pretty much addicted to it.

below are my top favorite lip balms. all for $25 or under :)
fresh sugar lip balm and blistex medex are probably my most used.


plastic bodega bags turned into a fashion statement

the corner store tote

okay we all have these plastic bags laying around our house, stuffed underneath a kitchen sink, in our cars or casually floating around in the air as art (LOL). cast of vices turned a simple plastic bodega bag into a real leather tote. pretty sweet right? no? okay whatevs. i saw this in the summer but never really cared too much for it until i found my dads stash of plastic bags in my kitchen cabinet. this morning as i rummaged through my kitchen to find something to toss my fruit and water bottles in before i hit the gym, i thought, WTF i  actually need that cute leather tote from cast of vices. this is seriously such a cute idea.

not only does the lambskin leather tote come in the embossed i <3 NY, but also in "thank you", the usual "have a nice day" smiley face, and the recycle/safety notice. talk about a trendy BYOB (bring your own bag)! such an upgrade from that pollutant plastic bag.
shop here or here.

i actually blogged about cast of vices and their awesome necklaces before. if you're interested find the post hereshop cast of vices here.

snuggle up with caramel corn & scary movies

other than the christmas holiday, halloween is one of my ultimate favs.
with thanksgiving right around the corner, i like to get into the spirit by carving and decorating pumpkins with my family, baking fresh pumpkin flavored anything, drinking warm apple cider, and watching scary movies for halloween of course. 

so, emily schuman from cupcakes and cashmere inspired me to want to make my very own caramel corn. if you didn't know by now, i'm obsessed with her style and her blog! below are photos of emily's caramel corn and some of my favorite halloween movies to watch on a night accompanied by a handful of sweets.

find the caramel corn recipie here.

ok, so i pulled some of my favorite movies to watch and goodies to snack on.
movies: hocus pocus, psycho, the exorcist and edward scissorhands (all classics!)
snacks: halloween peeps, candy corn, caramel apple pops and kettle corn popcorn

happy halloween :)


halloween nail art.

i can always count on refinery 29 to give me some great tips with my nails.
more info here.


think pink

rumi neely inspiration.
you want it? here it is.
shopping zara online is probably the worst/best thing that has happened to me.

also loving her isabel marant gava pumps. not usually a huge fan of the pointed toe, but this will do.

p.s. cute baby seal face rumi.


michael kors loves me back

a client tweeted about my customer service at my madison avenue store in new york city and MK sent some love back. thought this was so cute! i feel special haha.
(read his second tweet below)

SHOP Michael Kors HERE

stylestalker: baby's on fire

im dieing over stylestalker's new collection: baby's on fire. i'm LITERALLY obsessing over every piece. specifically the white cut-out-back dress below. shop and view the collection here.


luv aj the heavy metal collection

i've been waiting for this collection since i got the opportunity to meet with designer, amanda thomas. i'm so proud of her and this collection. probably her best one yet! below, i picked out my favorite photos from her lookbook and some photos of my favorite pieces from her heavy metal collection. so happy to say that i will be joining luv aj's team in LA starting in january! STOKED. ;)
hope you love her collection as much as i do.

p.s. those ankle cuffs and turbans. WTF. insane.

lookbook here
collection here


celine in detail.

photos by: Gianni Pucci/GoRunway.com

you should all know by now how obsessed i am with celine. if you didn't, now you do.
simply loving all of this detailing for celine's s/s '12 collection. get into it.

more pretty deails here
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