luv aj jewelry. spring summer 2011 collection.

LUV AJ Spring/Summer Lookbook 2011 from Claire Thomas on Vimeo.

Luv Aj Designer Amanda Thomas started her accessories line in 2005 once her after-school obsession parlayed into her own line of accessories. The 22 year old still continues to combine vintage whimsy with modern sensibility in her line of jewelry, totes, and other accessories.

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images via www.luvaj.com


Cruella Deville & Minnie Mouse - Topshop Fall 2011

TOPSHOP's UNIQUE Fall 2011 Collection

images via (leave me breathless)

Thoughts on this? I'm obsessed. I mean how adorable is this collection. Cruella Deville and Minnie Mouse? Genius. I'm loving the models' hair but I wouldn't rock that on a daily basis. Just saying. I can't wait to have me a pair of those black embroidered stockings!


feelin this?

Just came back from California, and oh my gosh, I did not want to leave as usual. So the pictures above are some of my favorite shots of me and my best friend from Cali, Sara. The song "Bow Chica Wow Wow" by Mike Posner and Lil Wayne was the song that was on repeat during our drive from the Bay Area to LA. Although I do consider this song a "love making song", i thoroughly enjoyed listening to this the whole time haha. More pictures coming soon! I have to tell you all about my vintage shopping spree in San Francisco and in West Hollywood...


michael kors fall 2011.

happy 30th anniversary michael kors.

images via style.com

michael kors celebrated his 30th year in the business. i personally think this is one of his greatest collections, as it should be considering this is his 30th year! this fall, kors' fall collection focused on tunics, bodysuits, straight leg trousers, clingy cocktail dresses or gowns and furs. so sleek!
kors continuted to stick to his usual operative words..
chic, sophisticated, jet-set and luxury.

watch full show here.


alice + olivia fall 2011.

alice + oliva is without a doubt, one of my favorite designers to wear for party dresses. i love what stacey bendent, the designer of a+o, did with her collection this fall. she based it off of a modern day auntie mame. so eclectic! i'm obsessed with the flapper era and as you can see in the photos above, there is a flapper vibe to her collection! i'm sold! i love it. 

see more of her collection here.

marc jacobs fall/winter 2011/2012.

backstage at marc jacobs
leighton meester & marc jacobs

anna wintour

bryan boy

the collection.

in my eyes, marc jacobs always designs a great collection. these models wore very little make-up and sleek, straight ponytails. NY Mag called jacob's clothes "sex clothes." well thats what they think according to his cordovan sex brogue shoes. jacob's fabrics this fall looks like rubber but he plays it off really well and made it look like sequins. "the clothes were body-conscious and ladylike but retained the twisted glamour we've come to expect from jacobs." - NY mag. unlike last season jacob's had flowing dresses but this fall is stiff and tight... tight but doesn't reveal that much skin.

watch the full show below.....

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