"fashion night out" cupcakes: crumbs vs. magnolia

crumbs vs magnolia bakery.
bring. it. on.

i can't even describe to tell you my OBSESSION with cupcakes, or sweets in general. tonight, crumbs and magnolia bakery will be selling their "fashion's night out" cupcake. both will donate some proceeds to the ny community trust..... how sweet! crumbs FNO cupcakes is a white chocolate brownie with vanilla cream cheese icing and magnolia's FNO cupcake is a classic version with chocolate or vanilla topped with their signature buttercream frosting! (literally drooling right now) LOL. while your out shopping and sipping on some cocktails, don't forget to stop at crumbs bakery or a magnolia's bakery and pick up your FNO cupcake. your sweet tooth will love you forever! happy shopping everyone!

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