band of outsiders s/s '12.

j'adore band of outsiders

designer, scott sternberg has created the most fabulous looks with my favorite accessory: a black boat hat. i honestly am loving these hats and i think it really completes his looks for what he was going for. his inspiration was from peter weir’s 1975 film picnic at hanging rock, a story about the disappearance of a group of schoolgirls on valentine’s day in 1900.

i'm obsessed with sternberg because of his LOVE for cookies. him and i are a perfect match ;) cookies + fashion. obviously can't get any better than that combo haha.
before his show, the audience had momofuku cookies to snack on and burning diptyque candles that smelled of grass and wildflowers. how lovely of him to hand out momofuku cookies (side note: everyone should try their compost cookie or their corn flake marshmallow one)!

sternberg is such a cookie freak he even started his own cookie blog: if you don't like cookies, you might not have a soul (check it out).

if you love band of outsiders, shop more here.
for more on his collection, check out vogue for some more inside scoop.

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