fashion advice from an 8 year old


In the photos above, Bella is wearing: Gap kids neon yellow skinny jeans, crewcuts by Jcrew shirt and All Star converse leopard sparkle sneakers (gifted to her by her stylish, Tita Sammy!)

My little cousin, Bella, is a FASHIONISTA in the making. This smart and talented little one gets her fashion sense from her mom, Rosanna. Ro has been a role model to me since I was a little girl. She taught me everything I know. 

 I spoke with Ro yesterday when we had our Labor Day BBQ. She told me how Bella is becoming quite interested in fashion these days. Bella has been asking her mom for fashion advice like what kind of patterns she can wear together and what colors can go together. (Rosanna was SO happy to hear when Bella asked her for fashion advice). 

 Ro gave Bella the “ROYGBIV”. The photo below shows what Bella has on the back of her door in her room. She looks at it every time she chooses her outfits so she knows what can go together.   

Bella took the time to show me what she was going to wear on her first day back to school on Wednesday. Rosanna is a big fan of crewcuts by JCrew. Probably 30% of Bella’s wardrobe is from crewcuts. I personally love crewcuts by JCrew because they have great pieces that kids can choose from and mix and match with! In the photos below you can see that Bella picked out a crewcuts shirt and crewcuts shorts. She chose navy leggings with lace detail at the bottom just incase she wants to wear it underneath her shorts if it is cold out. To accessorize, Bella picked out a silver sparkle belt to add some fun to her outfit. For her shoes, she chose TOMS shoes in a turquoise metallic sparkle. She loves TOMS shoes and how comfy they are. She even kept the box they came in and decorated it!

If you love Bella’s look and her fashion sense, let me know and I’ll keep you posted on more of her fabulous looks.

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