i wear black all year round...

living in la, i noticed that not many people wear black. (such a shame). day or night, i do it anyway because i still have new york city running through my veins. sometimes i really just want to wear a fabulous black dress. jessica stein from my new favorite blog, tuula vintage, has inspired me with this amazingly gorgeous shakuhachi "block it" dress. the silhouette of this dress is to die for. if only i can find this in a lighter material so i can wear this bad boy all day, everyday. although, i definitely wouldn't mind this actual dress either.


maison scotch spring 2012

this look book is to die for. looking at these photos makes me jealous im not on vacation, but i keep forgetting im not in the nyc snowy weather any more and i'm in sunny LA. i ainnnnttt mad at that.

shop the collection here


spring cleaning: make room for spring sale for luv aj.

time for some spring cleaning ladies. this week at the luv aj headquarters we are making room for our new spring '12 collection. so in the meantime, all of the spring '11 merchandise is 60% OFF!! dude, i know that's amazing

shop the sale here.

hurry and get your bad ass bling now


who says you're too old to own a coloring book?

the fashion coloring book
created by lulu chang one of my favorite blogs lulu and your mom.

i need to get this ASAP.
i love nothing more than a 96 box of fresh crayola's and getting creative.
p.s. i color in the lines.. really well ;)
shop it here.



toms shoes: unlike any other.

i die for these.
the embroidery detail on them is sick.
oh and the skull....
can't get any better than this.
shop for them at neiman marcus.

i aint mad at these for $100.


david yurman.

arite, i know david yurman pieces are considered a "me too" piece kinda thing but i'm really obsessing over these two pieces. loving these sterling silver chunky chain necklace and bracelet.

note: a "me too" piece is like "hey i have that ring" and some other chick comes along and goes "me too". 
in short -- everyone has it.

shop it. here.


free people's january 2012 catalog.
a homage to their two favorite cities.

new york city
los angeles

this homage holds a special place in my heart.

January 2012: NY/LA by Free People from FreePeople on Vimeo.

karlie kloss in ny
jessica hart in la

new york city.

los angeles.

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