celine print inspired skateboard

fashion blogger created her own celine skateboard

(images via stop it right now)

"What do you do when something is so out of reach? When in doubt, make your own! I've been obsessed - like everyone else and their moms - with the most perfect and rather iconic fashion print of 2011 and wanted to do my own spin on it by incorporating it into something that was a bit more me. What better way to marry my love of fashion and skateboarding, than to throw the two components into this perfect plank of wood? I don't know what could be more all-encompassing of what Stop It Right Now represents." (STOP IT RIGHT NOW)

ok but seriously, stop it right now, this is sick. to get your hands on one of these email stopitrightnow.blog@gmail.com while supplies last!

check out more of celine skateboard editorial on my blog here

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