wednesday's obsession. 2.2.11.

cardio barre.

cardio barre is located in los angeles. 
6464 sunset blvd. suite #150 hollywood, ca 90028
(323) 462-6464

if you're wondering how dancers get such great toned legs... it's because of ballet. ballet takes hard work and dedication. it's a dancers job to make movement look effortless. 

this work out can be done at home too. do not doubt that i am not doing this workout in my room.
watch some youtube videos to get the gist of what cardio barre really is.
if you're in LA.. visit the website. www.cardiobarre.com

youtube videos:

"cardio barre makes exercising fun because i get to feel like a ballerina" - dakota fanning
see more celebrity comments here.

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