are you a "man repeller?"

my friend hillary weston, an intern for blackbook magazine posted an article about a blogger leandra medine. she brought this article to my attention and i thought it was amazing.

so, wtf is a "man repeller?
"a man repeller is the type of woman who loves the fashion trends that men hate. she doesn't really take into consideration what he thinks, opts to pair floral prints with leopard prints, gets a real kick out of non prescriptive lenses, enjoys a good harem pant, and loves a decadent turban. when given the choice, she always sides with ready-to-wear over companionship." - leandra medine.

i don't know about you girlies but i consider myself a man repeller. fashion is everything to me and i could care less about what my boyfriend thinks about what i wear and how i put pieces together. i wear what i want and how i want.

leandra reveals her top 5 man-repelling looks.
you have to read this article. i am totally loving leandra medine.
find the article here.

thanks hill, this is great :)

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