custom built burger.

t h e    c o u n t e r.

me and my boyfriend dan, recently went to the counter in nyc located right in times square. i discovered this place while walking home from my fashion magazine class. as soon as i saw "custom built burgers" i was obsessed. there's nothing better than choosing a wide variety of "ad ons" to your burger. and i get it, if you're not a meat lover then thats okay because they have veggie burgers and a dish called "burger bowl". its basically like creating your own salad and selecting you're own meat if you want.

i highly suggest this place. good service and great rock and roll music... oh and did i mention a bar too + happy hour from 5-7pm.

lissette's burger:
beef patty
jalapeno cheese
bermuda red onion
jalapenos (i love everything spicy)
steak sauce? (i don't know why i got that but it was amazing)
multigrain bun
parmesan french fries (im a sucker for these)

whew, talk about a mean meal. a girl can eat too ya know.

dan's burger:
beef patty
brie cheese
honey mustard
spicy pepperocini
grilled onions
sweet potato fries (its a good thing we got two different kinds of fries. i love variety)

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