love in the vineyards.

napa valley. the perfect, romantic getaway.

napa valley in california is on my list of places to take dan to. i went there when i was 11 years old and i obviously didn't get to experience what the wineries had to offer. there really is no place like napa when it comes to a lover's get away. napa is a decadent little corner of the world that caters to passion enthusiasts everyday. how perfect right? okay, and i get it if you're not into this sappy love obsession i got going on here but, lets be serious... wine is AMAZING and napa is such a beautiful place. so, since valentines day is around the corner i figured i would post this collage of items that i found from mrs. lilen's blog of what to bring if you're going to a winery in the near future with a loved one.

word of advice: bring a camera and don't ever stop taking pictures while you're there.

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