jason wu fall 2011

take a look.

Jason Wu gave American sportswear a French kiss with his sublime collection, inspired by Robert Polidori's photos of the restoration of Versailles and set on a runway of antique mirrors.
It's tough to make lace look new, but Wu did it, using five different varieties to trim everything from a slim gray flannel coat, to a gray sweatshirt. A charcoal skirt with strips of lace down either side had a luxe athletic look, as did a floral wool anorak with scattered, multicolored crystal accents.
Pieces of black lace embroidery resembled falling leaves on a belted, cream houndstooth jaquard shift dress. And the combo of a fitted purple wool jacket with embroidered lace epaulettes, worn with black wool cigarette pants, was a chic update on the pants suit.
via LAtimes

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