plastic bodega bags turned into a fashion statement

the corner store tote

okay we all have these plastic bags laying around our house, stuffed underneath a kitchen sink, in our cars or casually floating around in the air as art (LOL). cast of vices turned a simple plastic bodega bag into a real leather tote. pretty sweet right? no? okay whatevs. i saw this in the summer but never really cared too much for it until i found my dads stash of plastic bags in my kitchen cabinet. this morning as i rummaged through my kitchen to find something to toss my fruit and water bottles in before i hit the gym, i thought, WTF i  actually need that cute leather tote from cast of vices. this is seriously such a cute idea.

not only does the lambskin leather tote come in the embossed i <3 NY, but also in "thank you", the usual "have a nice day" smiley face, and the recycle/safety notice. talk about a trendy BYOB (bring your own bag)! such an upgrade from that pollutant plastic bag.
shop here or here.

i actually blogged about cast of vices and their awesome necklaces before. if you're interested find the post hereshop cast of vices here.

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