how to eat oysters by the kitchy kitchen

my favorite food blogger claire thomas from the kitchy kitchen has the best recipe videos that i thoroughly enjoy watching on my down time. everytime i come across one her of recipes or videos, i find time to at least attempt one! i like to pretend i am an amazing chef. no, but seriously i really do! 

claire thomas is quite inspiring and she has her own show, food for thought, on saturday mornings on ABC! for more info click here. (fun fact: her sister is amanda thomas, designer and owner of LUV AJ!)

okay, so lets talk about oysters. you either love it or you hate. i'm one of those girls who OBSESSES over oysters. quite the aphrodisiac if i do say so myself ;). claire's 30 second video shows you different ways you can eat these bad boys! be sure to check out her post: oysters on the half shell for more info!

FYI: SRIRACHA is the best addition to any food if you like it hot ;)

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