smooth as a baby's bottom.

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who knew 22 years later i'd still be purchasing baby products for myself! like my mother always said, be sure to keep baby oil, baby powder, baby lotion and baby shampoo around the house. to this day i constantly use baby products for my skin and hair. honestly, you can ask any one of my friends about my obsession with baby products (it's kindaaa sick). my friends later thanked me after their experience with baby products... they soon became addicted too!

johnson's baby products have been used within my family for years. as i got older i started wandering off to a bit more upscale line of baby products. i came across a blog called into the gloss (HUGE fan of this beauty blog by the way) and saw a post about using baby products! this post was a perfect introduction to higher end lines for me to use. be sure to check out into the gloss' post for higher end products to try out! note: mustela prodcuts are my favorite. below are the four main products i use on the regular. maybe this will motivate you to go out and try it for yourself! i promise, you won't be disappointed.

b a b y   o i l:
baby oil is a key essential for me. the johnson's baby oil is not only the classic baby oil but it's the most inexpensive one i found and love. i use this as make up remover and for moisturizing my body right after the shower. i've tried using a bunch of make up removers but none of them amount to johnson's baby oil. it's remarkable when it comes to getting that tough waterproof mascara off! as for using it as a body moisturizer, it completely nourishes my skin (and i do have very dry skin, especially in the winter). my skin has never felt so soft. lastly, i use this to soften my cuticles. take a bowl of warm water and two tablespoons of baby oil and soak for 5-10 min and voila, softer cuticles!

b a b y   p o w d e r:
i've heard it's not good to constantly wash your hair every day. the natural oils in your hair keep your scalp moisturized and your hair healthy. let's be honest no one wants to walk out the door lookin' all oily. baby powder is a great and an inexpensive solution to dry shampoo. yes, i know dry shampoo sometimes works better for people than the powder but it never hurts to keep it around (when in doubt... right?) of course the johnson's baby powder can not only be used for dry shampoo, but it works well right after a good wax or threading too!

b a b y   l o t i o n:
this is probably one of my favorites, not only because of how good it smells, but it's performance. i've used plenty of lotions but nothing compares to how utterly smooth and silky my skin feels after one use. this product is designed for sensitive skin and works perfectly for me. johnson's baby lotion moisturizes my skin for the whole day without constant application throughout the day. i mostly use this on my hands during the winter because my skin cracks easily. what's great about johnson products is that they make travel size baby prodcuts (this one in particular). i always have one of these in my purse!

b a b y  s h a m p o o:
last but certainly not least is the baby shampoo. baby shampoo IS my number one favorite. it's the reason why i create so much hype about using baby products! the baby shampoo works miracles for me. i know baby oil works so well as a makeup remover, but this does wonders as a face wash. i never thought i could wash my face with anything else than a prescribed face wash from my dermatologist or my other face wash from kiehls. don't get me wrong, i love all of those products too but the baby shampoo won me over. anytime i have a break out or i can't seem to get my eye make up off, i resort to using baby shampoo. ladies, tear free shampoo is the best!! after using johnson's baby shampoo as an alternative face wash i never really wash my face with anything else. it never leaves my skin feeling dry and it's a great product to use with my new clarisonic that i got for christmas (thanks brother)! on the plus side, it's the best thing to wash your make up brushes off with. try this and you'll love me forever... i swear!

p.s. thanks mom for passing down all this information to me. any time i see baby oil, i think of you yelling at me for not putting it on after my shower when i was little. after all, it was mommylen (my grandma) who made me use baby oil all the time too. she always kept it on her dresser. i'm thinking of her everyday, and i'm sure she's smiling down on me and laughing that i actually wrote about all the things you taught me. thanks momma! <3

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