my apologies.

THIS IS MY SORRY FACE, andddd that's my boyfriend.

i apologize for not posting the last month and a half. i have good reasons, i swear. i just graduated from LIM college last week in Lincoln Center in NYC. my work load has been super hectic. i couldn't catch my breath until... now. since i was living in LA the last 6 months, i had 3 major online classes that required some serious final presentations. after finishing my semester working for Luv Aj i had to go back to NYC to give 3 big presentations. the last couple of months me and two other girls finished putting together an entire collection and business proposal for an eco-friendly swimwear line called Cerulean. did i mention a 130 page journal i wrote too? okay enough with this.. now you know what i have been doing.

not to worry loves, i will be back in action starting this week. love you guys and thanks for still visiting my blog... especially you international viewers...youddaaa best.

p.s. i'll still be working with Luv Aj starting in july and i will officially be a california resident. goodbye jersey, hello LA! so ready to start this new chapter in my life. congrats to the class of 2012!


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