missoni condos in the philippines.

“We brought our colors and our style inside. It’s a happy, positive approach: summer colors, solar colors,” Vittorio Missoni said of the 52-story building. “Coming from the outside you’re going to be surprised. … It’s like opening a box and discovering something unexpected.”

Acqua Livingstone will be open in 2015 in Manila, Philippines (my fabulous homeland of course). This 52-story project consists of Missoni designs! The common areas, pool, lobby and gym will be covered with Missoni's signature print. Not all condos will have the Missoni designs, but will be offered for an additional premium. For one bedroom, it will start at $82,000! I can bet you that Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao will be residing in one of these babies... or maybe just his wife will... haha. Ok but seriously guys, I am completely obsessed and I can't wait to go back home to the Philippines and visit this amazing building. 2015 can't come soon enough!

Find out more information here.

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