how to apply fake eyelashes.

every time i go out at night, fake eyelashes are a must for me. i feel naked if i don't wear them.
as a dancer, i've been wearing these bad boys since i was 6 years old. yeah, 6 years old. (no i wasn't a baby prostitute lol) i used them for every dance performance i had. i never knew i would actually keep wearing them to this day. i learned how to apply them myself 4 years ago. i seriously hated glueing my eyelids shut so i always made my friends put them on for me. finally, i became a pro badass eyelash applier. so, just in case your that girl (or guy, i won't judge) who doesn't really know how to put on eyelashes... here is a fab video by geri hirsch from my favorite blog because i'm addicted. enjoy :)

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