a man samples everything at IN-N-OUT

Serious Eats writer J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has made it his personal mission to eat every single thing on the In-N-Out menu including the regular menu, the secret menu, and the secret-secret menu. 

"There are some things a man can do that cause him to go crazy. There are other things he can do that, one assumes, would just make him sick. Among the latter, we may well find this man's mission: over at Serious Eats, writer J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has attempted to sample everything on the In-N-Out public menu, the secret
menu and the super-secret-menu. Of course, there are some In-N-Out menu variations that everyone knows about. Animal Style? Please. Protein Style? Double please. And no doubt, there are those among us who already know the super-duper-secret menu by heart." -LAist

That said, we still have a few favorites from Lopez-Alt's selections:
The 4x4: four patties, four slices of cheese
Root beer float: self-explanatory
The medium-rare option! (also self-explanatory)
Neopolitan: all three kinds of milkshake mixed together (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla)
Flying Dutchman: two slices of cheese melted between two patties
Chopped chillis: can be grilled into the bottom of your patty

AH, as horrible as this sounds, i want to eat everything at IN-N-OUT! i'm headed back to california in 6 days and i honestly can't wait to have a Neapolitan shake and animal fries.

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