sunday's obsession 1.30.11.

lace nails.. do it yourself.

nails done by sally hansen.

i took this photo last year at tracy reese's fall/winter 2010 fashion week and thought it would be awesome to do this to myself. you can follow these simple steps...

1.start with a clean nail.
2. brush on gel resin.
3. pick a thin parisian piece of lace & attach
4. spray with glue dry
5. cut & shape using an embroidery scissor
6. re-resin.
7. to remove, soak in acetone

note: use a fun base color to use under the black lace. you can definitely play around with this and be as creative as you want with the lace fabric color or even just a simple base color.

you can purchase products at any local beauty store like an ulta or you can go online and order barielle products.

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